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We take the time to meticulously gather information and get a full understanding of our clients’ goals and investment objectives.  We believe this is a critical part of the investment process.  A comprehensive understanding of the clients’ situation leads to the optimal investment plan and investment portfolio.



Our advice is powered by a sophisticated management approach designed to fit our clients' individual needs.  Here at High Pines Wealth, we work together to combine and incorporate information specific to each client using industry-leading tools to develop a customized investment plan that works for them.


The next step in the process is to build a customized investment strategy which the client and we agree on in order to achieve these goals.  We believe each situation is unique and that every portfolio needs to be tailored to our clients’ situation.  Our portfolios balance growth needs, income needs, risk tolerance and tax situation.



Finally, we take the time to review and manage the portfolio daily, making ongoing changes to the portfolio for performance, risk and capturing tax loss opportunities.

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